Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weightloss Maintenance

I've been at this maintenance thing for more than 7 years now.  Its not nearly as much fun as losing 120 lbs was but it has its in not ever having to lose 120 lbs again. phewwww!

In this time, I've learned many different things about food, exercise and what it takes to keep my weight in check and under control.  You'd think that my words of advice would be meaningful to people who need it...but they are not.   So I stop giving advice and revert into myself.

I am a low carber...I had to learn how to eat to control my carb intake.  I am not a zero carber or a very low carb high fat person.  I do a moderate low carb diet and keep my total fats down, not low but not high either.  I would guess that my total carbs a day are between 50 and 100 grams.  I eat lean proteins mostly and sometimes fatty and lean red meats.  I try to eat as much wild fish as I can afford...its very pricey here in NYC.  I eat veggies, cooked and raw, a little dairy and some cheese.  I eat whole eggs and use real butter!

I try very hard to avoid processed foods.  Food stuff in boxes is very bad, in my opinion. 
I made a lovely pot of veggie soup last night using bone broth I made from chicken feet and beef soup bones...gotten at our new that store!   Lots of asst veggies and spices went into it and its quite yummy.  It made 7 x 3 cup containers of I'm set for a couple of weeks.  I cook in volume and then freeze so I don't have to cook during the week when I'm tired from work.

I recently realized that my evening glass of wine was causing my body to not only gain but gain all in my tummy.  I cut out the wine last week and dropped down 4 lbs in a few days and my tummy is mostly flat again.  It wasn't only the wine though as it was the nibbling that goes along with the buzz as my boundaries around food lower with that lovely glass of Monkey Bay Sauvignon blanc.  So if you think that you can lose weight while drinking alcohol and its not working out for you, you too may want to look at dropping it.

I walk a lot.  I'm a dog walker and spend 5-7 hours daily hiking around my 'hood with dogs.  Its not fast or consistent...but I am on my feet all day long.  The days I'm not walking, I keep my food intake smallish....and not allow any starches as my body won't burn them and will store them...which is exactly what I don 't want! 
I believe in moderate amounts of exercise along with learning which carbs are good and avoid the bad ones.  Exercise alone will not give you weight loss.....its gotta be more about the food and a little bit of exercise.  But move you must...and work on building muscle so that you can maintain your losses.  1 hour a day on an elliptical is not the way to go!  and its a waste of time.  Do some weight lifting...I do machine Pilates and love it.

Do I eat bread?  Once in a while as a treat and NOT daily for sure!  That is what I mean about learning to control your carb intake...for life and not just while you want to lose weight.  Got it?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

5 yr Maintenance Anniversary, from December 2005

5 yrs ago this December, I reached my goal of 160 lbs having lost a total of 114 lbs. I actually feel like its not been really official until now and that I've beaten those crappy odds for regain....and have NOT regained any of my weight.

I've actually lost a few more and today I maintain my weight around 153 lbs. My total loss is now 120 lbs. This pic was taken on 11/19/10, weight 153. Keep in mind that I'm now 60 yrs old!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thought or craving? How do you know which is which?

Based on the videos of Geneen Roth at the above link, she is talking about something that I've been doing for the past 6 years now. Its the video called "Geneen Roth's eating guidelines" and she may help you more than I can with my clumsy words.

I have managed to become aware of food as mere thoughts and separate that from an actual craving. She talks about just this subject in the video. I know that when I'm sick to my stomach, I want oatmeal and a banana. It helps with nausea. To me, that is a craving.
But when I'm upset and or overwhelmed, and start thinking about eating a bagel, then to me, thats just a mere thought of a food that I do not have to chose to eat.

I had a bit of food poisoning last week. Got real sick with very bad intestinal cramps for several hours in the afternoon on Thursday. I was hungry for dinner but was afraid to eat as I had no idea what was wrong with me. I took a few bites of chicken and made myself some plain chicken broth and sipped on that for a while. I then cooked up a sweet potato later that night as that was all I wanted. Sweet potato doesn't require work by the colin to digest it so a good choice for when we have digestion issues.
To me, these were foods that I was craving to help me to heal and feel better.
But when I'm in an emotional state, my food choices can be pretty poor so I've got to be hyper aware at all times and not give into mere thoughts of highly processed foods like breads, pastas, etc.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My thoughts, good and bad, on the South Beach Diet

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Dr Agatson and the South Beach Diet. Thank you Dr A!
His approach and overall philosophy was just the ticket I needed to get the weight off....and keep it off. SBD taught me how to eat for the first time in my life. I tink that my ability to keep off 120 lbs lost is proof of this.

But as I'v eaten according to this plan for almost 6 yrs now, there are things about it that I've learned don't work for me and that I do not agree with. There are things about it that work for me 100% and that I love.

One thing is cheese. SBD lists "cheese" as an unlimited source of protein. I disagree with this. I count cheese in with my dairy daily totals of up to 2 cups. To me, cheese is dairy...period. I allow myself 2 ozs of hard cheese a day, if that. I count cottage cheese in dairy also and have 1/2 cup a couple of times per week. I do eat yogurt daily with my morning coffee. I enjoy the Dannon carb and sugar control yogurt but its very hard to find. I have to go to a distant grocery to get it.

Going to walk in my MBTs today.....getting a nice workout from them.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Saying buh-by to those holiday pounds!!

Its Friday and Saturday is my official weighin day. I weighed in yesterday at is 154.0.....1 more lb to go!! I Love to see how I have finally learned how to control my weight.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Still maintaining!

Its the new year, 2010, and I've gotten through another holiday season without too much weight gain....3 lbs actually.
I weighed in on Monday at 155.8 and today, I was 154.8. As I've learned over the past few years, it takes 3 days of clean, on plan food before I see any weight loss...always.
I've been eating very well. Tonight will be salmon filet woth roasted broccoli and cauliflower combo. Lunch was beef chili...I love my own cooking!! I also had a slice of toasted Ezekiel with 1 oz. cheese on it. Mid-day, I had a mini meal of cottage cheese with tomato, cucs and onion.

I got a pair of the MBT shoes to walk in....good workout in my legs, back and core.....pricy shoes but worth it to me who walks many hours every day.

BDD= body dismorphic disorder.
This is an illness where people who are trim, slim, skinny or whatever you call them, see themselves as fat. Not only do they see themselves as fat but they obsess about it and whine a lot about it.
I have reached my saturation point for these people and will no longer enable them. Pat them on the back and tell them its OK ....when it is not OK. As far as I'm concerned, they do it to attract attention to themsleves and for people to tell them they look good, great, fine skinny, etc.
I am over it...not gonna do it any more....sorry if this sounds mean and not very empathetic but it really is how I feel.

So....thats it for now...just wanted to get that off my chest.

Friday, May 29, 2009

My very first blog...yikes!! I managed to get featured in the June 8th issue of Womans World...for my success using the South Beach Diet for my weight loss. I am very grateful that I was chosen for this.

It was fun to have a professional photographer come to take pics of me...too bad they used only one shot of many that were taken. He took some pics with my dogs too and I want to get them.
Walking dogs has definitely played a big part in my long term maintenance success...which is now pushing 4 years. I do a lot of walking 5 days a week...and do fun activities on the weekends with my own dogs, of which I have 3, an 11 yr old shihtzu, an 8 yr old special needs cattle dog and a 6 yr old retired raceing greyhound. So if you've got a pooch just laying on the couch, ut on his/her leash and satrt going for walks together...I promise you, he/she will love you for it.