Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weightloss Maintenance

I've been at this maintenance thing for more than 7 years now.  Its not nearly as much fun as losing 120 lbs was but it has its in not ever having to lose 120 lbs again. phewwww!

In this time, I've learned many different things about food, exercise and what it takes to keep my weight in check and under control.  You'd think that my words of advice would be meaningful to people who need it...but they are not.   So I stop giving advice and revert into myself.

I am a low carber...I had to learn how to eat to control my carb intake.  I am not a zero carber or a very low carb high fat person.  I do a moderate low carb diet and keep my total fats down, not low but not high either.  I would guess that my total carbs a day are between 50 and 100 grams.  I eat lean proteins mostly and sometimes fatty and lean red meats.  I try to eat as much wild fish as I can afford...its very pricey here in NYC.  I eat veggies, cooked and raw, a little dairy and some cheese.  I eat whole eggs and use real butter!

I try very hard to avoid processed foods.  Food stuff in boxes is very bad, in my opinion. 
I made a lovely pot of veggie soup last night using bone broth I made from chicken feet and beef soup bones...gotten at our new that store!   Lots of asst veggies and spices went into it and its quite yummy.  It made 7 x 3 cup containers of I'm set for a couple of weeks.  I cook in volume and then freeze so I don't have to cook during the week when I'm tired from work.

I recently realized that my evening glass of wine was causing my body to not only gain but gain all in my tummy.  I cut out the wine last week and dropped down 4 lbs in a few days and my tummy is mostly flat again.  It wasn't only the wine though as it was the nibbling that goes along with the buzz as my boundaries around food lower with that lovely glass of Monkey Bay Sauvignon blanc.  So if you think that you can lose weight while drinking alcohol and its not working out for you, you too may want to look at dropping it.

I walk a lot.  I'm a dog walker and spend 5-7 hours daily hiking around my 'hood with dogs.  Its not fast or consistent...but I am on my feet all day long.  The days I'm not walking, I keep my food intake smallish....and not allow any starches as my body won't burn them and will store them...which is exactly what I don 't want! 
I believe in moderate amounts of exercise along with learning which carbs are good and avoid the bad ones.  Exercise alone will not give you weight loss.....its gotta be more about the food and a little bit of exercise.  But move you must...and work on building muscle so that you can maintain your losses.  1 hour a day on an elliptical is not the way to go!  and its a waste of time.  Do some weight lifting...I do machine Pilates and love it.

Do I eat bread?  Once in a while as a treat and NOT daily for sure!  That is what I mean about learning to control your carb intake...for life and not just while you want to lose weight.  Got it?